Delta furnace



We have conceived a proprietary surface treatment process for pins which provides a benefit which is nearly 3 - 3.5 times the performance of a normal chain. The USP of using this process would be enhancing wear resistance and considerably reducing the corrosive nature of chains. This benefit has been proven across the globe and we hope to use it to your benefit.


Value-added Solution Products

Our experience of being in the Chain Industry for the last 60 years gives us the benefit of understanding the end-user’s problems and provides solutions rather than just products! We are well known for providing solutions which are working well in companies of global reputation.

Reliable chains – Affordable Price

We are globally known for offering high-technology products at a price point which is envied across the globe. We are known to service OEMs and have maintained a 100% delivery promise thus ensuring a long-standing commitment.

 Accumulator chain - entire test rig
Tool room
The Tooling Advantage

We have a dedicated team of engineers working on developing tooling for manufacturing chains. We follow and use the latest technology in the world of tooling development and have one of the fastest turnaround times in developing complicated tooling.
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